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  1. Great article. I will be dealing with many of these issues as well..

  2. KENTON says:

    And what is it that keeps most of us who know Christ from actually talking with the people we know about the Jesus they don’t know? Isn’t it pretty much fear? We’re afraid of what they might think, how it might affect our relationship, what we might lose, how we might mess it up. All too often, our fear decides it. We remain silent, and they remain unwarned.

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  4. Joel says:

    Is this still open? We’re trying to find out and let people know for 2015.

    Come update your listing, info, and dates for Fear Mine on FrightFind


  5. imgur says:

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  6. Chiara says:

    I. Can’t. Wait.
    I am so excited for the haunt this year and will be watching the live streaming video with the kids.

  7. sibel says:

    It is truly a nice and helpful piece of info. I am happy that you shared this helpful info with us. Please stay us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Courtney McCain says:

    I had an awesome time last night at the Fear Mine! My friends had to do a lot of convincing to make me go, but I finally agreed. This was my first haunted house, and I have to say that it was pretty darn freaky!! I would definitely come back, and the people who set this up did an amazing job!

  9. Tammy says:

    Went last night and had the best time. It’s been way to long since I’ve been to a great haunted house, The anticipation was there along with a little mystery to think about, fantastic! I truly left with a pounding heart and laughed my head off all the way home (at my fear), thank you so much. PS: I took a virgin haunted house reveler, the very stoic had a very good time. I will certainly be there next year and so will everyone I can tell.

  10. Christina says:

    Went this evening with a few friends and my daughter. Had a great time! Thanks for the Halloween memories. 🙂

  11. Karen says:

    Are you streaming from the Mine this year??? I can’t make it but loved watching last year.

  12. Rhonda Buckallew says:

    OMG!!!! I am super excited I can’t wait to go!!! I will see you and let you scare the crap outta me on Saturday the 13th right on Too bad it was not friday the 13 that would add another element to the “Scare On”!!! whoo hoo

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