Q: When, where, and how much?

A: The Fear Mine is not open for the 2015 Halloween season.  However, we have opened a haunted Escape Room.  Visit www.EscapeRoomMT.com for information and booking.  The Escape Rooms are located at 11 W. Main Street Belgrade at the intersection of Main and Broadway in the big brick Mercantile Building downstairs from Rio Sabinas.

Q:  What is a Professional Haunted Attraction?

A: A professional Haunted Attraction is a frightening Halloween walk th.rough experience designed to scare you at every opportunity.  Read this wikipedia article for more information.


Q:  I have a question that isn’t answered here.  How can I contact you?

A: E-mail at info@fearmine.com  Telephone at 406-219-SCARE(7227) Facebook Twitter and Youtube


Q:  What age is recommended?

A: We recommend thirteen years and older.  We can not be held responsible for your child’s therapy costs.

 Q: How did the Fear Mine become haunted?

A: Nobody knows what truly happened deep below the earth’s crust in the mines of Feral Gulch.  The only evidence known is presented on our History Page.

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